Cole, Alex, & Anna Grace

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sand and Waves

Now that summer is winding down for us and the school year is quickly approaching, we took a beach vacation with my mom and step-dad. They rented a house just south of Myrtle Beach for us to spend the week. At first, the kids and I were the only ones to join them, but later in the week, Mike surprised the kids by showing up late one night.

We spent most of the time playing in the sand and the water. 

The kids got new boogie boards and even Anna Grace learned to ride the waves with the help of her big brother and Daddy.

We had a really relaxing week of just spending time at the beach and then playing in the pool whenever we needed a change of scenery.  There were lots of games of "Monkey in the Middle" that even my mom and step-dad joined in on. 

We ate most of our meals at the beach house, but we did eat out a few times.  We loved this really great place to eat at Myrles Inlet that had a long boardwalk connecting lots of fun restaurants. 


  1. Hi Karla, I have been reading your blog a bit..we are in the process of adopting a little girl from CCAI..Anyway, we are heading to Surfside tomorrow for the weekend! What is the name of the restaraunt in Myrle's Inlet that you liked...We have not been there before...

    1. Hi! How exciting about your adoption! Is your child from Henan also? To answer your question, we ate a Creek Ratz. There were quite a few restaraunts all located together and the backs are all connected by a long boardwalk along the water. Many of the restaraunts had live music and outdoor eating. It was just the casual, beachy feel that I love, and the fish tacos we totally awesome! Have a great trip!

    2. Oh yes!! That is what I love too!! Can't wait to try it out....we haven't gotten a referral yet..should be DTC next week...Joshua said it was almost a given she would be from Henan....really praying it won't take too long to match us!! Your family is beautiful!! Thanks for responding!!